Sunday, September 29, 2013

My New Fishing Buddy.

   With a bit of luck and three hours of planning, my baby girl and I finally enjoyed our first fly fishing day on the Boise. Sawyer did a great job blowing spit bubbles while I looked for fish rising for those annoyingly small tricos. In the pic below she spots a crayfish scurrying across the sand bar. That's my girl, already looking for potential bait choices. I hope she loves to fly fish as much as I do and we have countless adventures together. If her love isn't fishing, then I'll do my best to support her and I'm sure I can still find a fishing analogy for almost any hobby or occupation she chooses.  Whats working: the Boise is hot right  now with both nymphs and top water flies catching trout. My favorite two floating flies are the sulfur and black Comparadun, size 18 (to mimmick the tricos) and a Parachute Adams with a tented wing, size 12. I've had luck early morning, afternoon and evening probably due to the cloud cover. Feeding tends to die down for a few hours sporadically throughout the day but if you're willing to wait it out, another hatch will bring the fish up again. As a side note, browns are being stocked in the Boise river now and I am starting to see more through town. In the past, I found most browns down stream from Eagle. On 28th of Sept., I hooked a little 8 inch brown just above the Barber Park bridge so I know they have made up at least that far.    

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